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Russians opened fire on children’s hospital in Severodonetsk; residents of Hirske withstood airstrike - Haidai

Occupants are deliberately destroying food warehouses.

The Head of Luhansk regional military administration, Serhii Haidai, explained the situation in the region as of morning on March 22. Severodonetsk, Rubizhne, Lysychansk, Popasna, Novodruzhesk, and Toshkivka suffered shelling by the russian army on Monday, March 21.


According to him, the russians did not succeed in the blitzkrieg

Rubizhne, and they began to do what they were skilled to do: destroying the city. Hirske withstood an airstrike.

“Yesterday during the day, the fire in Rubizhne almost never stopped. Several times rescuers and an ambulance received calls and tried to reach the specified addresses, but the shelling did not allow them to reach the victims quickly. It was necessary to wait in danger. It took hours because the shell explosions did not subside. When the russians failed in the blitzkrieg in Rubizhne, they began attacking the city: destroying houses, schools, hospitals. However, we rescue the wounded and try to evacuate those who want to,” noted Serhii Haidai.


Popasna remains impregnable to the enemy. The fighting continues, but the russians are not moving deep into the city. Yesterday, residents of Hirske withstood an airstrike.

“In Severodonetsk, the russian army continues to destroy wholesale warehouses with food. They are targeting them because they know exactly where they are. They managed to inflict losses for local businesses, but the residents will have food - we have established supplies,” said Luhansk region leader.

The bodies of two victims were found in Lysychansk, three wounded received first aid help, and eight people were rescued from the rubble and fire.


Haidai said that russian villains nearly killed children in a hospital in Severodonetsk.

““Russian world” knocked on the door to children: russian non-humans opened fire on the children’s hospital in Severodonetsk. As a result, the roof fire started. Fortunately, all young patients, their mothers, and staff were evacuated in time,” the Luhansk region leader informed.


A total of 14 fires broke out in the region on March 21 due to the russian invasion. About 25 objects were damaged, including two multi-apartment buildings and 16 private houses, a children’s hospital in Severodonetsk, a school in Rubizhne, a food warehouse, axillary buildings, garages, and infrastructure facilities.

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