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Trostyanets in Sumy region is suffering a massive fire, which can't be extinguished

The Head of the Sumy Region State Administration says that the Trostianets community is currently the hottest place in the Sumy region.

Battles continue in the Trostianets community. On 22 March 2022, a massive fire broke out in Trostianets; it can't be extinguished. Due to constant battles, the firefighters can not reach the site.

This is why the Head of the Sumy RMA/RSA (Regional Military Administration / Region State Administration), Dmytro Zhyvytskyi addressed the residents of Trostianets with a request to close the windows not to leave the shelters, as battles continue in the city.

"Trostyanets remains the city and the community that suffers the most. Russians kill civilians; there is a lack of water and medicine in many villages. Where it is possible volunteers deliver medicine and food to some communities. Today about 5 tons of humanitarian aid were distributed. But unfortunately, not everyone can receive it. It is dangerous to walk in the streets of Trostyanets as Russian soldiers are shooting people. A woman riding a bicycle along the street was shot," - Zhyvytskyi said.

The Head of the RSA says that there is no possibility to bury the dead in the community, and there is no place to keep the bodies. It is impossible to give birth in a hospital, so women give birth at home. The Russian military stole the last ambulance, so it is impossible to provide emergency assistance to people who cannot reach the hospital on their own. The hospital is in the risk zone; it suffers constant shelling.

"We understand that Trostianets suffers the most from Russian aggression and terrorist actions of the Russian military," Zhyvytskyi said.

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