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Secretary of village council dies after shell bombing

The woman was fatally wounded while trying to reach the shelter.

Secretary of village council dies after shell bombing
Photo: State Emergency Service of Ukraine

In the village of Stary Saltiv, Kharkiv region, the secretary of the village council died as a result of shell bombing by the Russian occupiers.

This was reported in the Kharkiv Region Military Administration.

The woman was mortally wounded by the wreckage as she tried to reach the shelter.

The deceased spent most of her life working as the director of a kindergarten in Stary Saltov, was a deputy of the local council, and about a year ago became the secretary of the Starosaltivka village council, the Kharkiv Region Military Administration reported.

We express our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.

"We promise that we will do everything to ensure that the Russian invaders suffer the most severe punishment for every victim of the war they waged," the regional administration said.

One person was hospitalized today as a result of the shell bombing of the Shevchenkivskyy district of Kyiv. In the evening, the occupiers struck at the Podilskyy district of Kyiv. A man died.

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