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Ammonia pipeline damaged by Russian shelling in Chernihiv

The Regional Military Administration reported that the evaporations from the ammonia leak is currently within acceptable limits

Ammonia pipeline damaged by Russian shelling in Chernihiv
Photo: МАХАR

On 23 March, Russian forces shelled a food processing facility in Chernihiv. The shell hit the engine room and damaged the major ammonia pipeline.

This was reported on the Facebook page of the Chernihiv Regional Military Administration.

"As of 8pm 23 March 2022, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine inspected the tanks and shut-off valves. The evaporation from the ammonia leak is currently within acceptable limits" – reported by the Administration. 

No victims reported, but this is yet to be confirmed.

The Administration is concerned about the potential additional destruction of the facility, given ongoing shelling of the city by Russians, which potentially lead to uncontrolled ammonia leak.

The regional authorities reminded the guidelines for health-care in case of ammonia emissions / leaks:

- leave the area perpendicular to the propagation or wind direction 

- if it is not possible to leave the area of infection, hide in shelter, basement or move to lower floors of the building. Windows, doors, ventilation should be sealed (preferably with a cloth soaked in citric acid, vinegar solution or water)

- at home, go to the bathroom and turn shower on (water absorbs ammonia from the air), do not turn on ventilation (as it removes clean air and keeps contaminated in)

- if you smell ammonia - breathe through a damp gauze bandage (preferably soaked with 5% vinegar or citric acid).

Earlier, on 21 March as a result of Russian shelling the Sumykhimprom Chemical Plant was partially damaged, which led to ammonia leakage. The radius of the contaminated zone was estimated to be circa 2.5- 5km.

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