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People in villages near Kiev still find bodies of victims, - CNN

Residents of Kyiv villages cannot recover after being under occupation.

People in villages near Kiev still find bodies of victims, - CNN
Murders in Bucha by russians
Photo: screenshot of the video

More than a month has passed since the Ukrainian Armed Forces drove the occupying forces out of the northern suburbs of Kyiv, but residents of surrounding villages are still finding the bodies of the dead in shallow graves, - reported by CNN.

A resident of a village near Kyiv said that the russian military tried to shoot him and leave him to die. Now he has bullet scars, but the emotional scars are much deeper.

"Sometimes I have nightmares and I can't sleep at night. And I pray that they never come back," said local resident Serhiy Yudenko.

He adds that he will never forgive the russians for their crimes in Ukraine.

As of May 18 the bodies of 1288 civilians killed by the russian military during occupation of the Kyiv region are found.

Main Intelligence Directorate published a list of Kadyrov’s followers who fought against Ukraine. They began to enter the territory of Ukraine in the first days of the large-scale military invasion of russia. Their main task was to intimidate and genocide Ukrainians. Being in the second echelon of the offensive, the Kadyrov’s followers searched the houses, abused hostages and civilians, looted and robbed.

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