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Russians stormed unsuccessfully two settlements near Severodonetsk

The occupiers damaged 52 houses in the region during yesterday's shelling.

Russians stormed unsuccessfully two settlements near Severodonetsk
Serhiy Haiday
Photo: Serhiy Haiday in Telegram

The enemy continues to storm in the city of Severodonetsk. With the support of mortars, the russians also tried to storm in the direction of Bobrove and Ustynivka villages but without success.

Yesterday morning the occupiers damaged methanol warehouses at the Severodonetsk Azot enterprise. In Lysychansk, they hit the hospital, said the Head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration Serhiy Haiday.

In total, 52 houses were damaged in the region due to yesterday's shelling. According to Haiday, the region loses 50-60 houses every day. In the settlements that the russians are storming, housing is being destroyed by the entire streets.

"Our military is holding back the enemy, so they continue to destroy the infrastructure and industry of Severodonetsk. The russians are doing everything possible to declare the impossibility of recovery later. They have not invested a penny in eight years to rebuild the occupied Luhansk region in 2014, and they won’t now. Yesterday morning they hit several times at the Azot association, hit one of the administrative buildings and a warehouse where methanol was stored, damaged the city hospital building in Lysychansk. They do not need schools, hospitals, factories and jobs there. Unfortunately, not everyone has understood it yet. The russians are simply destroying and plundering our region," Haiday said.

As of yesterday morning the russian troops controlled about 70% of Severodonetsk. Some Ukrainian troops retreated to more advantageous, previously prepared positions. Some remained in the city.

The goal of the occupiers is to capture the entire Luhansk region. Of the completely free territories, Lysychansk and surrounding settlements remain. The enemy is constantly firing at them.

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