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Exclusion of Russia from UN Security Council has no support - Estonian Foreign Ministry

The issue of its exclusion from this body is not promising at the moment.

Exclusion of Russia from UN Security Council has no support - Estonian Foreign Ministry
Photo: EPA/UPG

Vice Chancellor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia Mart Volmer said that most countries do not share Ukraine's approach to the problem of Russia's membership in the UN Security Council, so the issue of its expulsion from this body is not promising at the moment, European Pravda reported.

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry said this week that Russia illegally joined the United Nations and took the place of the USSR among the permanent members of its Security Council.

According to Volmer, only few countries share this interpretation.

"Estonia is one of the leaders and the most active supporters of Ukraine on the topics related to the isolation of Russia in various organizations, pushing Russia away from decision-making in the world, bringing it to justice for its crimes. This direction is very good and correct. Talks about the UN fall into the same category, but in this case, we must take into account that Ukraine, unfortunately, does not have much international support on this issue," the Vice Chancellor of the Estonian Foreign Ministry said.

According to him, it would be possible if a very large number of states thought the same way as Ukraine that Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union acquired this status somehow outside the procedure, illegally, and it should be somehow reconsidered. But there are, in fact, no states that believe that this is possible and necessary.

In this regard, according to the diplomat, this issue is currently unpromising, and it is necessary to focus on those aspects of international life in which Russia can really be ousted and isolated.

Earlier, it was reported that the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is preparing to officially raise the issue of Russia's right to be a member of the UN and the Security Council.

Russia has a veto in the UN Security Council, which allows it to block any decisions it does not like. 

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