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Sensors to detect Russian drones to be installed in Kyiv Region

They are expected to provide air defence with additional information.

Sensors to detect Russian drones to be installed in Kyiv Region
Photo: Facebook/Kharkiv territorial defence brigade

Special acoustic sensors will be installed in Kyiv Region to detect Russian drones or missiles even in desolate areas, Kyiv regional police chief Andriy Nebytov has said, according to the Moya Kyivshchyna news website.

"Relevant work was carried out in the Chornobyl zone, and now all security forces are already using the information coming from there. As for acoustic sensors. It was decided, if possible, to equip critical infrastructure facilities with appropriate sensors that will be able to collect acoustic information and timely transmit it to air defence units for response," he said.

He noted that this would protect not only critical infrastructure and not only substations that are constantly shelled by the Russian Federation, but also other facilities being targeted by Russia.

"These are sensors of additional information collection that will allow air defence to receive information not only from radars, the 102 line, but also, for example, in places where there are no people. Therefore, if the information is transmitted in advance, it will allow the military to shoot down a drone or missile," he said.

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