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Pentagon announces new $2.2bn aid package for Ukraine

It includes the provision of armoured vehicles and ammunition for HIMARS missile systems.

Pentagon announces new $2.2bn aid package for Ukraine
Photo: EPA/UPG

The United States is providing Ukraine with another major military assistance package, Pentagon spokesman, US Air Force Brig Gen Patrick Ryder has said at a news briefing.

"Today, the US Department of Defense announces a new assistance package for Ukraine worth $2.2bn," he said.

He noted that the aid package provides Ukraine with armoured vehicles, ammunition for HIMARS missile systems that would allow Ukrainian forces to hit targets behind the Russian occupiers' lines.

The package includes:

additional ammunition for HIMARS,

additional 155-mm artillery shells,

additional 120-mm mortar shells,

190 large-calibre machine guns with thermal sights and ammunition.

181 MRAP vehicles,

250 Javelins,

2,000 anti-tank missiles,

Claymore anti-personnel ammunition,

explosive ammunition,

cold weather gear, helmets and other field equipment,

two Hawk air defence systems,

anti-aircraft guns and ammunition.

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