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Denmark provides Ukraine with another military aid package

The package includes ammunition, machine guns, anti-tank mines, bomb disposal robots, etc.

Denmark provides Ukraine with another military aid package
Photo: radatv

Denmark has announced a new military aid package for Ukraine, according to the website of the Danish Defence Ministry.

The list includes:

· 5.56 mm ammunition for pistols;

· additional 12.7 mm heavy machine guns;

· a large number of anti-tank mines;

· fire extinguishers and ignition tubes for 155-mm artillery ammunition;

· additional missiles for air defence;

· 21 bomb disposal robots

· 15 military generators

· 8,000 hats and 15,000 sets of waterproof clothing;

· six hangar tents;

· nine mobile workshops for the repair of large military equipment.

The Danish Armed Forces have begun preparations to form the aid to deliver it to Ukraine as soon as possible.

According to Danish Acting Defence Minister Troels Lund Poulsen, Ukraine lacks ammunition, so the aid contains materials that "Ukraine has very specifically requested".

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