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Zelenskyy's Staff meeting: Ukraine to conduct full audit of all shelters

The meeting also discussed improving the state of air defence.

Zelenskyy's Staff meeting: Ukraine to conduct full audit of all shelters

Today President Volodymyr Zelenskyy chaired a meeting of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief's Staff.

"The Staff. The meeting participants reacted strongly to the deaths of people near a closed air raid shelter. I have instructed a member of the Staff, Minister (of Strategic Industries Oleksandr) Kamyshin, to conduct a full audit of all shelters in Kyiv. The report is due in 10 days. Another member, (Interior) Minister Klymenko, is to do the same for Ukraine," the presidential office said.

The second issue discussed at the meeting was a comprehensive review of the state of air defence: its needs to repel threats from the ground, sea, and air; ways to improve it, taking into account available resources, revenues from partners and own production.

The third issue discussed was the situation at the front. For obvious reasons, the details are not disclosed.

The fourth issue is a comprehensive intelligence report on countries that help Russia not only to circumvent sanctions but also increase the production of missiles and drones in times of war.

Yesterday, the Kyiv city military administration initiated a meeting of the Kyiv Defence Council to discuss the condition and use of shelters. The date and time of the meeting will be announced later.

On 1 June, several people were killed near a closed clinic shelter during a Russian attack on Kyiv. Klitschko believes that the management of the medical facility and the head of the district are to blame.

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