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Germany transfers two Patriot launchers to Ukraine

The assistance package also includes 6,525 shells of 155-mm calibre.

Germany transfers two Patriot launchers to Ukraine
Patriot system
Photo: Twitter/Oleksiy Reznikov

Germany has reported on the transfer of two more Patriot missile launchers to Ukraine, the German government has said.

The new aid package also includes:

- 10 Bandvagn 206 all-terrain tracked vehicles;

- 6,525 shells of 155-mm calibre;

- explosive ordnance disposal materials;

- five border guard vehicles;

- four VECTOR reconnaissance drones;

- 1,163 binoculars;

- six towing vehicles and five semi-trailers;

- two 8x6 loading and unloading vehicles;

- 100 MG5 machine guns;

- 40,000 first aid kits.

In addition, 20,000 protective goggles will be transferred to Ukraine from the Bundeswehr warehouses. The German government noted that the supplies are made from industry stocks.

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