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At least two killed in Russian attack on Zaporizhzhya

More casualties are reported.

At least two killed in Russian attack on Zaporizhzhya
Photo: Yuriy Malashko

Russia attacked a residential neighbourhood in Zaporizhzhya on the evening of 9 August, the secretary of the city council, Anatoliy Kurtyev, has said on Telegram.

"Unfortunately, according to preliminary reports, two people were killed and one was injured. Additional information is being checked," he said.

Later, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that three people were killed in the shelling.

"Zaporizhzhya. Another attack by Russian terrorists. As of now, three people have been killed. My condolences to the families. The rescue operation is underway. All victims will be provided with the necessary assistance. And this war crime of Russia will certainly be punished. And the answer to Russian terrorists will be on the front line - thanks to our heroic soldiers," he wrote.

At 21:54 Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko said that two people were killed. The third person was resuscitated.

"Fortunately, one person was resuscitated. The doctors were assisted by police paramedics at the scene. Rescuers quickly extinguished the fire in the outbuilding. The police conducted door-to-door checks of the residential buildings. No-one was found dead or injured. People who were outside during the strike were injured," the minister said.

"A church and retail outlets in the city's Shevchenkivskyy district were destroyed by Russia's "precision" weapons. So far, three civilians have been reported dead, and medics are treating the wounded. The blast wave smashed windowpanes in high-rise buildings," added the head of the regional military administration, Yuriy Malashko.

Seven people were reported injured.

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