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Russia attacks Kyiv with missiles, drones, kills two

The air defence destroyed over 20 aerial targets.

Russia attacks Kyiv with missiles, drones, kills two
Photo: Facebook/Mykola Kalashnyk

Russia attacked Kyiv with missiles and drones in the early hours of 30 August, the Kyiv city military administration has said.

"A night air attack. Kyiv has not experienced such a heavy attack since spring. The enemy launched a massive, combined attack using drones and missiles. First, the Russians used strike UAVs (tentatively, Shahed loitering munitions). Several groups of drones were heading for Kyiv from different directions. Soon, missiles launched from Tu-95MS strategic aircraft flew at the capital. In total, more than 20 enemy targets were destroyed by air defence forces and means (the exact number and type of missiles and UAVs will be officially announced by the Air Force)," said Serhiy Popko, head of the city military administration.

The debris fell in several districts in the capital, causing casualties. Missile fragments killed two people and injured another person on the territory of an enterprise in Shevchenkivskyy district.

According to the latest update, two people were killed and three injured.

The fall of missile debris also caused destruction and fires in Shevchenkivskyy and Darnytskyy districts.

In both districts, the debris fell on the territory of non-residential buildings. Fires broke out at the crash sites, and firefighting crews were working to extinguish the fires. The operational report is being updated.

"Once again, we thank the air defence forces for their excellent work. But once again, I would like to reiterate the urgent request of our sky defenders – take care of your own safety! And under no circumstances should you film the work of air defence! Help us bring peace to Ukraine after our Victory!" Popko said.

According to mayor Vitaliy Klitschko, fire and rescue services continue to work at the sites of the fallen debris.

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