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Russia attacks from Crimea overnight: Ukrainians shoot down 29 out of 31 Shaheds, cruise missile

Enemy targets were shot down in Mykolayiv and Dnipro Regions. 

Russians attacked Ukraine with 31 Shahed attack UAVs and an Iskander-K cruise missile on 3 October. Ukrainian defenders shot down 29 drones and a missile.

The enemy launched them from the temporarily occupied Crimea: Shahed - from Cape Chauda, Iskander-K - from the Dzhankoy area, according to Air Force report. In the southern and eastern regions, air defence was deployed: anti-aircraft missile troops, fighter aircraft, and units of mobile fire groups.

"The targets were destroyed in the areas of responsibility of the South and East air commands within Mykolayiv and Dnipro Regions," the military said. 

Photo: Air Force

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