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Abuse of combat rewards revealed at Defence Ministry

More than UAH 123m of "combat" rewards were paid to the wrong people.

Abuse of combat rewards revealed at Defence Ministry

More than UAH 123m in additional remuneration was paid to people who did not take part in hostilities or perform combat missions, the press service of the Ministry of Defence has said after the audit.

"The Internal Audit Service of the Ministry of Defence found that the current rules allow commanders of military units to interpret the terms 'combat operations' and 'combat (special) mission' too freely and pay additional remuneration at their discretion," the Ministry of Defence said in a statement.

In particular, soldiers of a pontoon and bridge company, who performed tasks in Kyiv Region, were paid a monthly additional remuneration of UAH 100,000.

"It's unfair when those who are not under direct fire or do not support those who are under direct fire receive combat pay. We detect manipulations and close loopholes for abuse," said Deputy Defence Minister Yuriy Dzhyhyr.

The Ministry of Defence is consulting with the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to ensure that only those who perform combat missions and take part in combat operations receive additional remuneration.

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