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Naftogaz says what to do if colour of gas is different from blue

The colour of the flame during gas combustion is not an indicator of its quality. 

Naftogaz says what to do if colour of gas is different from blue
Photo: Naftogaz Group

There is a myth that poor quality gas burns with a yellow or red flame rather than blue. In fact, this phenomenon has nothing to do with gas quality, Naftogaz of Ukraine reported on Telegram.

Yellow and red flames only indicate that the burner of a gas appliance does not receive enough air and the gas does not burn completely.

There may be several reasons for this:

  • incorrect adjustment of the air supply to the burner or contamination of the burner nozzle;
  • insufficient oxygen in the room;
  • insufficient pressure.

When it comes to system pressure, it means a certain malfunction that is quickly detected and cannot be a permanent phenomenon. GDS operators (regional gas companies) are responsible for maintaining the proper pressure level. They also eliminate emergencies and repair distribution networks. The telephone number for the gas service is 104.

"Therefore, the first thing you should do when you see a different colour of combustion in your gas appliances is to contact the gas service," Naftogaz said. 

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