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Parliament sends mobilisation bill back to government for reworking – Arakhamiya

According to him, some of its provisions directly violate human rights and some may do with a clearer wording.

Parliament sends mobilisation bill back to government for reworking – Arakhamiya
Davyd Arakhamiya

The head of the Servant of the People faction in parliament, Davyd Arakhamiya, said that the draft law on mobilisation had been returned to the government for reworking.

"There was a closed meeting with the military command and a closed meeting of the agenda-setting council, which I talked about yesterday. Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhnyy, Chief of the General Staff Shaptala, Defence Minister Umerov, the leadership of the Verkhovna Rada, heads of factions and committees were present. The main issue was draft law No. 10378 on improving mobilisation, military registration and military service," Arakhamiya said.

He recalled that the discussion of the draft law was held in the Committee on National Security, Defence and Intelligence in a closed session, in compliance with the requirements of the law on handling classified information.

"There were many debates. We understand the request of the military command and are ready to meet it. But not all the provisions can be supported. Some provisions directly violate human rights, some are not well formulated. We openly told the military command about this. But all political forces understood and support the need for mobilisation. Following the meeting, the draft law is being returned to the initiator. At the same time, we are passing on the proposals developed at the committee and in working groups," the MP said.

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