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Defence Forces: Russia do not break through to Siverskyy Donets-Donbas canal near Chasiv Yar

The struggle for logistics routes is ongoing.

The Russian army continues to storm the outskirts of Chasiv Yar in the Donetsk sector. The Defence Forces and the Russian army are currently engaged in a major struggle for control of logistics routes. 

Nazar Voloshyn, spokesperson for the Khortytsya operational and strategic group of troops, told Interfax-Ukraine.

‘Information that Russians have broken through to the Siverskyy Donets-Donbas canal is not true,’ the spokesman said.

Despite the unsuccessful assault, the enemy continues to attack Ukrainian positions near the Chasiv Yar. The situation is currently under control. 

‘The enemy continues to destroy Chasiv Yar and surrounding settlements with both aviation and artillery. The occupants are trying to gain these dominant heights, where Chasiv Yar is located, by all means to continue the fight for territory and shell further on to Kostyantynivka, Druzhkivka, Slovyansk and Kramatorsk,’ said Voloshyn.

He also noted that the enemy is trying to reach the Siversky Donets-Donbas border in order to capture Chasiv Yar and create conditions for further advancement to the Kramatorsk agglomeration.

‘Everything that some analysts and experts are now commenting on, that the enemy has broken through to the canal, is not true. The enemy was not there in the morning. They may have been conducting assaults, but they were not there,’ said the Khortytsya spokesman.

Now there is a big struggle for control of logistics routes.

‘The occupiers are trying to destroy all our platoon and strongholds, as well as the town of Chasiv Yar itself, by scorching the earth, so that our defenders have nowhere to defend themselves. The second line of defence is fortified. The defence forces are ready to fight the enemy,’ he added.

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