• Russia: how Cheka-coercive model of economy was built
    Aleksandr Sytin
    Russia is seeking to get to the top of the antiglobalist movement on a global scale. The most important element of this policy is anti-Americanism. Apart from geopolitics, there is business at its core.
  • "There is such a job as protection from Russia"
    Igor Solovey
    The confrontation between Putin's Russia and the West is now part of the mainstream, with political and public activists, who openly declare their support for the Russian Federation, bidding farewell to their reputation in society and even their careers. 
  • Secret of survival. Or why Lukashenka should forget about "brotherhood" with Russia
    Vadim Dovnar
    The prolonged conflict between Moscow and Minsk is increasingly reminiscent of the Moscow-Kyiv relations before the Russian aggression. Is Lukashenka losing precious time hoping for a return to "brotherly" relations between the Union State members?
  • Black swan. Second take
    Sonya Koshkina
    The detention of Roman Nasirov, suspended chief of the State Fiscal Service, can become the Rubicon for the authorities. Why did it happen at all, and will they learn the lesson and grow sensitive to public sentiments? 
  • How the world should react to Russia's terrorist-destructive efforts
    Aleksandr Sytin
    Europe and NATO's EU member states remain the main target of the Kremlin. Being unable to exert direct effective pressure on its western neighbours, Russia relies on acts of provocation to undermine the EU foundations from the inside. 
  • Ukraine on arms market: reality and myths
    Oleksandr Demchenko
    Smear campaigns against Ukrainian arms makers seek to show that Kyiv is trading with the aggressor state amid European sanctions instead of sending weapons to the front line. They are also meant to affect Ukraine's position on the global arms market.
  • Regardless of faces: Russian provocations in UN Security Council continue
    Igor Solovey
    Moscow's repeat allegations about insufficient empathy among Ukrainians, this time prompted by the death of its UN envoy, sound especially cynical amid the ongoing Donbas conflict and may attest to a provocation ahead of an important UN debate.
  • Russia's interest in Libya
    Kseniya Kirillova
    The Maltese foreign minister has warned that Putin may wage a new "civil war" in Libya to provoke a new migration crisis in the EU particularly ahead of the elections in France and Germany. How realistic is this?
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