• Do Russian protests stand a chance?
    Kseniya Kirillova
    The analysis of protest sentiments shows a social explosion in Russia is only possible when tyranny and deprivation affect all - almost all Russians without exception. 
  • Workings of Russian propaganda in Eastern Europe
    Vadim Dovnar
    A team of experts has analysed a toolbox used by the Kremlin to manipulate public opinion in the Visegrad Four countries, Moldova and Ukraine.
  • To strike or not to strike. Scenarios of Russia’s expansion
    Aleksandr Zhelenin
    One of the key issues of concern to the global community is whether Putin's Russia is to continue its expansion or it has had enough?
  • VII National Expert Forum “POINTS OF GROWTH”
    Gorshenin Institute
    The event was co-organised by Gorshenin Institute and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Ukraine&Belarus. 
  • 25 ways of combatting propaganda without doing counter-propaganda
    Jean-Baptiste Jeangène Vilmer
    The director of the French Institut de recherche strategique de l’Ecole militaire (IRSEM) took to a subject little researched: how to combat pro-Kremlin propaganda without falling into the trap of doing counter-propaganda?
  • Russia Day as a symbol of propaganda schizophrenia
    Kseniya Kirillova
    After Putin called the Soviet collapse “the biggest geopolitical catastrophe” and the Russian propaganda has for years used the images of the Soviet past, it is getting increasingly more difficult to fit Russia Day into the general narrative.
  • Aftertaste of the protest
    Igor Solovey
    Hopes that the internal pressure in Russia will drive changes are utopian. The only chance is the external pressure to economically weaken Russia.
  • The passion for (and against) Trump
    James Kovpak
    We’ve passed the first hundred days, the president has returned from his first foreign trip, and now we have an idea of what the Trump administration will look like till the end of his first term, assuming he makes it that far. 
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