Vadym Omelchenko

Vice-president of Gorshenin Institute

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  • The time of heroes
    Vadym Omelchenko
    Heroes must know they are appreciated
  • The world after the virus
    Vadym Omelchenko
    How will coronavirus change the world?
  • The French elections, seen from Ukraine
    Vadym Omelchenko
    Ahead of France's presidential election, Ukraine's experience shows that opinion polls may be skewed by underlying hatred of the ruling classes and institutions.
  • Normandy Four meeting is fraught with non-obvious results and surprises, says president of Gorshenin Institute
    Vadym Omelchenko
    It is the first time that the head of Ukraine participates in high-level negotiations with such a rigid position, the president of Gorshenin Institute Vadym Omelchenko said when commenting…
  • Crisis in heads
    Vadym Omelchenko , Dmytro Antonyuk
      Parliamentary and government crises in Ukraine are not something uncommon. The development of the country's political situation in principle can be viewed as transition from…
  • Cologne flashmob
    Vadym Omelchenko
    In fact, the cautious reaction of the German authorities is understandable. Berlin starts to recognize the scale of the threat it is facing. On the one hand, a "burgomaster" does…