Iryna Kashchey

freelance international correspondent

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  • Iryna Kashchey
    Although it was a scorching hot weekday in Italy, around 50 Ukrainian activists gathered in central Rome for a protest on 4 July. They said that they were there to remind the authorities…
  • Is Italy on the verge of a "Russiagate"?
    Iryna Kashchey
    Three million for European elections Last week the Italian weekly L'Espresso announced plans to publish a journalistic investigation, which immediately caused a stir. According to…
  • Italy: lack of sober look at Russia
    Iryna Kashchey
    Italy and Italians are in thrall to myths about Russia which are very far from reality and harmful. This was a subject of discussion at a conference in the Italian parliament with…
  • Russian propaganda: a threat to Italian elections?
    Iryna Kashchey
    Fake stories in parliament The mere fact that this conference was held is already indicative: this topic has not been part of the public discourse in Italy until recently. Back in…