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Runaway MP fails to show up in Rada

A suspect in gross embezzlement case stays in Moscow.

People's Deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko (Will of the People) did not return to Ukraine despite earlier promises to show up in the parliament when the lawmakers were planned to consider permission for his arrest.

In a telephone conversation with the publication Country Onishchenko has made it clear that he was not in Ukraine. "Why returning when I was framed up and set up once again. They have promised a [transparent] court and process, when in fact they have chosen to do it in the lawless way," he said with an obvious reference to prosecutors.

Onishchenko on Sunday was in Moscow, as evidenced by photos on his Instagram.

Anti-corruption prosecutor Nazar Holodnytskyy confirmed to reporters on 5 July that Onishchenko is abroad.

"According to the latest information, he is not in Ukraine or Vienna," he said.

Holodnytskyy said criminal charges will be announced to Onishchenko provided the parliament gives consent to opening a case against their fellow lawmaker.

Onishchenko is suspecting of causing 3 billion hryvnia in damages to the state thought gas extraction schemes in 2013–2014.

The PGO has filed a submission to the Verkhovna Rada requesting to strip Onishchenko of parliamentary immunity. The request was slated to be reviewed on 5 July.

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