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Mykolayiv accepts garbage from Lviv

Mykolayiv Mayor "self-helps" out his party boss.

Mykolayiv accepts garbage from Lviv

Lviv City Hall has agreed on the removal of solid household waste Mykolayiv landfill, the mayor of Mykolayiv Oleksandr Senkevych wrote on Facebook, insisting that cities must help each other in difficult moments.

"I believe Ukrainian cities must help Lviv with the disposal of solid waste. We have to be one nation, one country on an everyday basis rather than in declarations. We should not limit ourselves to slogans like "Ukraine is united" in the corner of the TV screen. It is not a show. Every Ukrainian, who needs help, must be extended a helping hand," wrote Senkevych, who belongs to the party of Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovyy Samopomich (Self-Help).

"Today, we have received four 50 cu m garbage trucks [from Lviv]," local municipal company chief Yuriy Mostovyy told an internet publication. The disposal fee is standard at 12.19 hryvnya per cu m.

Lviv has been experiencing problems with garbage disposal for several months now. On May 29, a fire broke out at Lviv's main landfill in the nearby village of Hrybovychy. The fire was promptly extinguished, but on the next day three emergency officers and one utility worker got buried in a massive garbage landslide. The bodies of three people have been discovered soon, while the body of the fourth has not been found to date.

After the incident, the village council of Hrybovychy banned Lviv authorities from using the landfill, which forced the city to use other landfills in the area and in other regions of the country.

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