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Canada continues training of Ukrainian military

"Ukraine enjoys full support in Canada," says Chrystia Freeland

Canada continues training of Ukrainian military
Chrystia Freeland
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Canada in the near future will send to Ukraine 200 military instructors who will be engaged in the training of Ukrainian military until 2019, the Foreign Minister of Canada Chrystia Freeland said ahead of a meeting of foreign ministers of the NATO member countries in Brussels.

"The preparation of Ukrainian military is a contribution to Ukraine's ability to defend itself, and a strong message that says Canada supports Ukraine," Freeland said.

"It is worth noting that Ukraine enjoys the bipartisan support of both right-wing and left-wing parties, which is a very serious message in support of Ukraine. I look forward to today's meeting where Canada will say that we must support Ukraine. Ukraine defends its sovereignty and, of course, enjoy the support of Canada and NATO, and it is important to continue supporting Ukraine," Freeland concluded.

In March, Canadian parliamentarians offered to give weapons to Ukraine. Meanwhile, Canada is preparing the next batch of non-lethal military aid for Ukraine.

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