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Court reverses Rada's dismissal of judge

This is the first decision on the claims of the "Maidan judges".

Court reverses Rada's dismissal of judge
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The High Administrative Court overturned the Verkhovna Rada's dismissal of a judge for the violation of the oath, the press woman of the High Administrative Court Halyna Hayevska told Ukrainian News. "On Monday, March 27, the High Administrative Court of Ukraine satisfied the claim of Alla Chala to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on voiding the Verkhovna Rada's decision of September 29, 2016," she said.

The case was reviewed by a panel of judges headed by Oleksandr Donets.

The Chairman of the High Administrative Court Oleksandr Nechytaylo said it was the first decision of the court in a series of claims of judges who have sanctioned arrests of Euromaidan activists, and who were dismissed by the parliament in September 29, 2016 for the violation of the oath.

In most cases, the High Administrative Court has suspended the consideration of this category of cases pending the decision of the Supreme Court regarding the legality of petitions by the High Council of Justice regarding the dismissal of Euromaidan judges.

Last September, Verkhovna Rada dismissed 28 judges for the violation of oath and one judge of the High Economic Court within the lustration process.

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