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Ukroboronprom denies Thailand's pullout from Ukrainian armour deal

Defence concern says negotiations are ongoing.

The State Concern Ukroboronprom denies the loss of Thai market for Ukrainian armored personnel carriers and tanks.

In a statement on 30 March, the group said that the APV-4E have passed standardization procedure and can be purchased by Thailand.

"At the same time, Thailand has standardized various types of equipment to provide them to various units of its army. The negotiations on the purchase of APV-4Es by the Royal Thai Army are in progress, the decision will be made during 2017-2018," the release said.

Previously, AUTO-Consulting publication reported that Thailand has refused from further purchases Ukrainian armour in favor of the Chinese analogues. Thailand, according to the publication, has also decided to buy Chinese tank VT4 instead of Ukrainian Oplot.

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