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Ukrainian Health Ministry set to ban Russian medicines

Ulana Suprun believes that Ukraine should outlaw the import of medicines from Russia.

The Ministry of Health is preparing sanctions that will prohibit the import to Ukraine of medicines and medical products manufactured in Russia, minister Ulana Suprun stated during an Internet conference on on 31 March.

"We are filing changes to the president's decree that the drugs and medical products manufactured in Russia are subject to sanctions. Medicines that can still be procured shall be banned, it's a political decision of the ministry. We are waiting for a decision from the president and the government," Suprun noted.

When asked how much Russian medicines is being imported and whether Ukraine can do without buying medicines from Russia, Suprun said that public procurements do not involve Russian imports.

"The government procurements go through international organizations. Firstly, they require the necessary qualification of WHO, while the majority of Russian medicines are not WHO-qualified. Secondly, Russian producers are unwilling to participate open tenders," the minister said.

Suprun admitted that although Russia-made medicines account for a good share of drugs registered in Ukraine, she as health minister does not allow re-registration or new registration of medicines produced or even packed and transported from Russia.

Within the framework of the sanctions policy, Ukraine has severed military cooperation with Russia, stopped air communication, banned the supply of a number of products and industrial goods etc.

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