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Four Ukrainian troops killed in Donbas

There were 73 intense shooting attacks by militants.

Four Ukrainian troops killed in Donbas
Photo: EPA/UPG

Four Ukrainian troops were killed and four wounded in the antiterrorist operation (ATO) area in eastern Ukraine on 10 June, the ATO HQ press service reported on Facebook the next morning.

Three servicemen were killed as a result of a direct hit by a bomb. 

Overall, pro-Russian militants launched 73 intense firing attacks on the positions of the Ukrainian troops, using heavy weapons banned by the Minsk agreements.

From 19:10 on 10 June to 01:25 on 11 June they barraged the ATO positions near Krymske and Novotoshkivske.

Neglecting the Minsk agreements, they were using 152-mm and 122-mm artillery, 120-mm and 82-mm mortars, infantry fighting vehicles BMP-1, anti-tank and automatic grenade launchers SPG-9 and AGS-17, heavy machine guns and small arms.

They were shooting from separatist-controlled Frunze, Kirovsk, Smile and Donetskyy.

According to thee ATO HQ, at least two tanks, six infantry fighting vehicles and several cars of the separatists entered Donetskyy.

The 93rd detached motorised brigade did not return fire but remained on alert.

Two civilians were injured during the shelling of Maryinka.

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