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Rada passes bill on domestic violence

The bill also legislates on the institution of restrictive order for offenders.

Rada passes bill on domestic violence
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The Verkhovna Rada adopted the law On Prevention and Counteraction to Domestic Violence.

The novelty, in particular, provides for the creation of a Unified State Register of Cases of Domestic Violence at the Ministry of Social Policy. The register will be administrated by a ministry-appointed state enterprise.

The register will include information about the person who reported of domestic violence; the affected person; the abuser; the description of the case of violence and measure taken to prevent domestic violence.

The law introduces the institutions of urgent prohibitive and restrictive regulations with respect to the abuser, including the taking of the offender on record, and his/her referral to the program for abusers.

The prohibitive order is issued by the police for a period of up to 10 days and may provide for a ban on entering the victim's residence and personal contact with the victim.

The restraining order is issued by the court for up to 6 months and may envision a restriction of communication with the injured child, the prohibition of approaching him/her to a certain distance, communicating and telephone conversations.

Local state administrations and local government shall be responsible for the implementation of programs for offenders.

A court can send the abuser to undergo the program. He/she can be able to attend the program on his own initiative on a voluntary basis.

On 6 December, the Rada has introduced criminal liability for domestic violence.

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