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Video of Roma camp dispersal in Kyiv leaked online

Romas can be seen being chased. has got hold of a video showing how a Roma camp in Kyiv's Lysa Hora neighbourhood is being dispersed.

On the video, Roma parents with children can be seen running away from young men, some of them wearing face masks. The attackers are shown throwing stones and using gas sprays. Romas can be heard crying for police help.

A witness told an correspondent that police had been called and later arrived at the scene.

On 21 April, members of the C14 nationalist organization dismantled and burnt a Roma camp in Kyiv's Lysa Hora. C14 activist Serhiy Mazur said that Romas left Lysa Hora "after [they were given] persuasive and lawful reasons".

Kyiv police chief Andriy Kryshchenko said that rubbish was burnt down during a Saturday clean-up on Lysa Hora, not a Roma camp. He said that police had received no complaints from Romas about any acts of violence against them.

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