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Poroshenko says Javelins delivered to Ukraine

President Petro Poroshenko has confirmed that the US Javelin antitank missile systems have been delivered to Ukraine.

"I welcome the keen interest, both in Ukraine and abroad, in the supply of the Javelin systems to us. I can only confirm that the long-awaited weapons have indeed been delivered to the Ukrainian army. This will significantly strengthen a strong containing effect of our combat ability and Euro-Atlantic security. We continue to strengthen our defence potential to repel the Russian aggression," he said on Facebook on the evening of 30 April.

He thanked US President Donald Trump for "his fair decision in support of Ukraine, in the defence of freedom and democracy".

"Washington has not only delivered on our joint agreement – it demonstrated leadership and set an important example," he added.

Poroshenko went on: "I expect all partners of Ukraine, above all G7 states, to stay firm: the price which the Kremlin must pay for the continuing aggression against Ukraine should further increase."

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