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Senior police officer said killed over golden chain

The murderer was apprehended within hours.

Senior police officer said killed over golden chain

Police have identified and detained the suspected murderer of police Lt-Col Dmytro Hlushak. The officer was found dead in Kyiv's residential neighbourhood with two gunwounds in the back.

A police source told that the suspect was released from prison last year where he had served a term for fraud.

He came to know Hlushak through an online auction where the officer put a 100-g golden chain for sale. The criminal was dressed well and had a briefcase with him so Hlushak let him into his car and agreed to move into the neighbouring yard where the criminal said he would check on the quality of gold.

There the murderer shot him in the back from a TT pistol. He took the chain to a pawnshop at once.

It took police several hours to check on surveillance footage and mobile traffic.

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