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Scope of the day: Floods ravage Prykarpattya

Scope of the day: Floods ravage Prykarpattya

Floods in western Ukraine

Over two days, Ivano-Frankivsk Region has had as much precipitation as it would normally have over 2.5 months, according to Ukrainian meteriologists.

The critical situation is developing in five regions of Ukraine due to bad weather and floods, according to Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal. Ivano-Frankivsk Region, where 165 locations were flooded, was hit the most. Nineteen bridges and 110 km of roads were damaged, three people got killed.

In Ternopil Region, the Dniester River swelled and poured over a dam near the village Ustya-Zelene, prompting locals' evacuation.


Ukraine has registered 940 new coronavirus cases. There have been a total of 39,014 Covid-19 cases, including 1,051 deaths and 17,409 recoveries, since the start of the epidemic.

Kyiv no longer meets the criteria for softening the quarantine due to the growing coronavirus rate. During the two days during which it met the criteria, the city authorities allowed restaurants and cinemas to open.

One of Kharkiv councilors summoned the police to a council meeting because some of his colleagues were not wearing face masks.

Unfortunate remarks

Mykolayiv politician and potential mayoral candidate Tetyana Dombrovska has slammed as unacceptable Servant of the People leader Oleksandr Korniyenko's remarks about her being a "battle-axe". However, she has accepted his apology and is prepared to further work with the party.

Trade unionists have demanded the dismissal of parliament's social committee head, pro-presidential MP Halyna Tretyakova, over her "anti-human and anti-social remarks" afrer she said at a webinar in May 2020 that women should be denied welfare if their children are of "very low quality".


The Ukrainian Armed Forces have received FGM-148E, one of the latest modification of the Javelin missile system, worth $27 million, from the USA, the Ukrainian Defence Ministry has said.

Poroshenko's case

The State Investigation Bureau has summoned ex-President Petro Poroshenko for an interview as a suspect on 30 June. The case was opened in response to the lawsuit filed by the Foreign Intelligence Service head.

Treason case

The State Investigation Bureau has declared former President Viktor Yanukovych and two former defence ministers Dmytro Salamatin and Pavlo Lebedev suspects in the case of high treason in favour of Russia in 2012-2014. In particular, they launched the so-called defence reform as a result of which the number of army units and their deployment locations were changed. Because this also happened in Crimea, it facilitated its annexation by Russia, investigators said.


Interest rates on hryvnya deposits in Ukrainian banks for the first time went below 10% and are not expected to recover, the National Bank has said, calling it a "new reality".

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