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Boris Lozhkin Charitable Foundation donates UAH 1 million to the Tabletochki Foundation for treating children with cancer

Photo: Boris Lozhkin's press service

400 children with cancer will be fully provided with medicines thanks to the funds raised by the Tabletochki Foundation as part of the campaign “How I live for your money”. Half of the raised amount has been transferred by the Boris Lozhkin Charitable Foundation.

“The happiness of parents, whose сhild’s life has been saved, is felt physically. Anyone who has ever seen the looks of their eyes will never forget it. As well as an expression of the unbearable grief, when the diagnosis has already been made, and there is an uncertainty and only hope for the best ahead,” Boris Lozhkin wrote on his Facebook page.

According to him, the last campaign organized by the Tabletochki Foundation “How I live for your money” has shown how many people there are in Ukraine who understand charity in its literal sense – to do good. As a result, it has been possible to collect 1 million Hryvnias of help during just one month. The Foundation of Boris Lozhkin has doubled this amount.

“The one million that our foundation has added to the raised funds is already the third in many years of cooperation with the Tabletochki Foundation. Each time, we readily respond to Olga Kudinenko’s initiatives, as we are sure that all the money will be used for its intended purpose,” Lozhkin says.

According to the organizers of the campaign, the raised 2 million Hryvnias are enough to provide treatment for 400 little children under care of the Tabletochki Foundation. “These are 400 chances for recovery and hopes for the continuation of a happy childhood,” emphasized Lozhkin.

Let’s us recall that on May 25, the Charitable Foundation of Boris Lozhkin, jointly with the Tabletochki Foundation, has launched a charity campaign to raise funds for the treatment of children with cancer. In addition to cooperation with the Tabletochki Foundation, the Charitable Foundation of Boris Lozhkin has been giving over modern medical equipment to the Ukrainian hospitals that has saved hundreds of children’s lives already during 6 years.

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