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Scoop of the day: Floods hit western Ukraine

Scoop of the day: Floods hit western Ukraine

Floods hit western Ukraine

Two people got killed and one went missing as a result of weather calamities in Ivano-Frankivsk Region. Several protection dams, roads and coastlines got damaged, roads got blocked by mudslides, cutting communication with 19 villages.

Chernivtsi is running the risk of getting flooded as the Prut River to swell the most tonight. It is already about 4 m above its normal level.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy instructed the government to send humanitarian aid to the affected areas.


Ukraine has registered 833 new coronavirus cases. There have been a total of 38,074 Covid-19 cases, including 1,035 deaths and 16,956 recoveries, since the start of the epidemic.

The EU and the European regional bureau of the World Health Organization have supplied Ukraine with a month worth of personal protection equipment for medics in 50 hospitals.

Kyiv cafes and restaurants may now receive guests indoors. They may use partition walls or screen to separate the tables.

Domestic politics

Parliament speaker Dmytro Razumkov has said that he sees neither legal mechanisms nor reasons for local elections, scheduled for this autumn, to be deferred.

Zelenskyy is leaking votes which go to pro-Russian forces such as Shariy's party and Opposition-Platform-For Life, according to the director general of the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology, Volodymyr Paniotto.

MP's luxury life

The National Agency for Preventing Corruption will check Opposition Platform-For Life MP Fedir Khrystenko for throwing a lavish party for his wife in Moscow, which allegedly cost him around 1m dollars. He did not report this in his income statement.

Road problem

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has joined a Viber chat of long-haul truck drivers to tell them that they are "bastards" for discussing the ways how to avoid weight control points. He told them that it costs the state around 1m dollars to build 1 km of a motorway which gets damaged by trucks carrying too much weight.


Kyiv investigators have detained two local residents on suspicion of storing arms and ammunition and drugs production. They uncovered caches containing five automated rifles, six pistols with silencers, two submachine guns, 19 grenades with fuses, 200 g of TNT and more.


Cherkasy and Kanev Metropolitan Sofroniy, 81, died on 22 June. He was a member of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate.

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