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Russia has already lost about 3,000 troops in Ukraine (updated)

Russia has not suffered so much losses during such period in any of its armed conflicts.

Russia has already lost about 3,000 troops in Ukraine (updated)
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Today, February 25, the number of losses of Russian Federation invaders is more than a thousand people. As of 15:00 on February 25, the estimated losses of enemy troops comes to 2,800 people.

The Land Forces’ press service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that Russia had not suffered such a large number of losses of its troops during such period for its entire existence in any of the armed conflicts it had started.

The Land Forces Commandors stressed that Russian mothers are sending their sons to the deaths because "the Armed Forces of Ukraine are strongly defending themselves and will defend their land from the invaders."

Update. The Ministry of Defense has updated the statistics of losses of the occupying army since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine as of 15:00.

Since the beginning of the open large-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into the territory of Ukraine, the troops of the invading country have suffered the following losses (approximately):

  • tanks - up to 80
  • armored combat vehicles of various types - 516
  • aircrafts - 10
  • helicopters - 7
  • manpower - 2800

The night before, it was reported that on the first day of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, according to preliminary data, about 400 Russian servicemen were killed. Seven enemy planes were shot down, several Russian helicopters were shot down, and dozens of prisoners were taken.

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