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«Kuznya on Rybalsky» plant sent the first lot of new machine-guns to Kyiv Territorial Defense

And another 40 machine-guns will be sent tomorrow

«Kuznya on Rybalsky» plant sent the first lot of new machine-guns to Kyiv Territorial Defense

«Kuznya on Rybalsky» plant sent first lot of new PKM machine-guns to Kyiv Territorial Defense - 5.UA informed.

«Kuznya on Rybalsky» plant’s Deputy CEO Kostiantyn Kartoshkin informed, that plant will send 10 machine-guns today and 40 more will be sent tomorrow: “These are machine guns manufactured by "Kuzny na Rybalskomu", were sitting there waiting for the right time”

Gleb Babich, a war veteran and fighter, said: "This is a familiar for me machine gun from the war. I have used it many times. And everyone in the army knows it. It is a Pokemon or a PKM machine gun. It is an accurate one. Very high firepower. It works flawlessly and very dangerous for the enemy if one knows how to use it. So thank you very much. "

“This will help us a lot and wouldn’t be liked by those at whom it would be pointed”,- Babych says. 

The war veteran, leader of the NGO "Res_Publika. Armor Brothers", the Kyiv City Council Deputy Oleksandr Pohrebyskyi says: We are very grateful to"Kuzny na Rybalskomu", that in such difficult times it helps to territorial defence units (units are also formed by Armor Brothers) to defend our hometown of Kyiv. We will be given up to 40 machine guns to full stock the battalion. And we will fully staff our soldiers, volunteers. They will impose deathly pain to those aggressors who entered our land.

Pogrebysky also said: "We continue to form combat units. Rotation is currently executed. One of the units, two squadronsare returning from combat, one is going to replace them. We have a food supply system, weapons. Everyone is performing their tasks. Everyone is motivated. And be sure – we will defend the country up until we win the war"

To recall, Obolon residents are now being asked not to go outside due to the approach of active military actions.

According to the TV channel 5.UA, on the morning of February, 24th, Russia launched a war against Ukraine. Missile strikes were fired at several military facilities in Kyiv, Kharkiv and the Dnieper, and Russian troops crossed the border near Kharkiv. Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko wrote about this on his Facebook page. Border units attacked, the situation in Donbass escaletaed.

According to the Joint Forces Command, 7 planes and a helicopter of the aggressors were shot down on February 24 alone, as well as 24 tanks and more than 20 units of armored vehicles.

The Armed Forces, all special and law enforcement agencies of the state are on alert. The enemy began intense shelling of Ukrainian Armed Forces units in the east - the Ukrainian army repulsed Russian troops. The National Security and Defense Council is working in an emergency mode. Martial law was imposed.

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