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Rules of control at roadblocks

Roadblocks set up to detect and neutralize Russian raiders.

Oleksiy Reznikov, Head of Ministry of Defense called on Ukrainians to follow the rules of control at roadblocks that set up across the country to detect and neutralize Russian raiders.

When passing roadblocks citizens have to:

  • reduce car speed
  • prepare documents for inspection in advance
  • turn off the headlights
  • turn on the hazard warning light
  • do not record video
  • do not get out of the car without the permission of the military
  • clearly answer military questions
  • be prepared to open the trunk on request and inspect the car interior
  • after inspection and permission to continue driving and not to speed sharply.

"This is a necessary security measure that will save many lives. To avoid misunderstandings during the control procedures, I urge you to follow a few simple rules. Let's take care of each other," the minister said.

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