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Berdiansk occupied by enemy troops

Enemy equipment is seen in different settlements 

Berdiansk occupied by enemy troops

Since 7 a.m. on 28 February, Bediansk in Zaporizhzhia oblast has been occupied by enemy troops. The Berdyansk District State Administration reported this.

Enemy equipment can be seen in different settlements. Since the evening, locals from Osypenko hromada reported the occupiers’ “raids” on the houses searching for phones. 

“There were two victims in Berdiansk during an operation to seize the city: one killed and one wounded. Based on the available information, the victims were the guards from the “Berdiansk Harvesters” enterprise. The Berdiansk police department was disbanded. The city authorities refused to cooperate with the occupiers. Some of the utilities are working. Public transportation has stopped.” the District State Administration reported. 

During the night, locals reported seeing the movement of equipment throughout the city. In the morning, the movement also began in Osypenko hromada. 

There are some problems with the cell connection. 

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