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No water and electricity for two days now near Kharkiv

People cannot reach their relatives in Vovchansk because there is no mobile connection.

No water and electricity for two days now near Kharkiv
Харків зараз
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In Vovchansk, a town in Kharkiv region, people have been without electricity and water for two days now. This was reported to by a Kharkiv resident whose close relatives are currently in Vovchansk. The editorial staff does not tell names for security reasons.

"My wife and I live in Kharkiv, and on Saturday we lost connection with her parents who live in Vovchansk," the man says. “Miraculously, my wife reached her mother. She found out that the roads to the city were blown up, no electricity or water, no heating. The last time we talked to parents, they were in the small house suburbs. The situation is even worse in apartment buildings. This morning, we completely lost connection with parents because the cell-phone transmitter station was also blown up."

Vovchansk is a town located 15 kilometers from the Russian border. On February 24, at 5:20 in the morning, the Russian troops shelled Vovchansk. As of February 27, the city was under attack by the occupiers and columns of Russian equipment were recorded.

As mentioned before, near Kharkiv the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a column of the Russian shells which intruded into the territory of Ukraine.

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