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​Ukraine has launched the "Russian warship, go fuck yourself" platform

​Ukraine has launched the "Russian warship, go fuck yourself" platform

Ukraine has created a page to search for information during the Russian-Ukrainian war quickly.


On the platform "Russian military ship, go fuck yourself", you can find answers to questions:

How can you help as a volunteer? How to join the information and cyber support of Ukraine?

How to evacuate from your city and where to seek support abroad?

Where to find shelter, medicine, food and support for volunteers?

How to act in dangerous situations during the war?

Where to find free psychological help?

Where to follow the news, check fakes and find useful chatbots?

To develop the platform, the team uses reliable sources and constantly updates it.

"If you see that you can add some important information about your city or somewhere you see irrelevant information - write to the telegrams @janedvd and @chornoslyw or leave comments in the relevant blocks," said the developers of the platform. 

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