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Zelenskyi spoke with Lukashenko

The conversation took place against the background of Lukashenko’s possible decision to send Belarus armed forces into war against Ukraine.

Zelenskyi spoke with Lukashenko
Photo: Фото: ОПУ

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi spoke with Oleksandr Lukashenko.

This message is published on the president’s Telegram page. At the moment, there are no further details. 

According to different information, Lukashenko could decide today to send Belarus armed forces to Ukraine to fight in the war on Russia’s side. 

Centre for Defense Strategies noted that the only reason for such a decision would be that Oleksandr Lukashenko is completely dependent, in particular in his own security, from Russia’s president Volodymyr Putin. 

The decision on the official entry of Belarus into the war does not take into any account the peace and friendship between the peoples of Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus that has lasted for centuries. 

It is emphasized that Belarus soldiers may not know where they are headed. Their TV broadcasting is filled with statements about “nazis” in Ukraine. They also may not know about the vast Russian losses in the war against Ukraine. 

“You need to call and write to all the people you know in Belarus and talk about it, tell them not to go into war against Ukrainians. Tell mothers and wives to not let their men go to death and war against the close people”, - urged the Centre for Defense Strategies. 

On February 27th, the referendum on the changes to the constitution is being held. There is only one question: “Do you accept the changes and additions to the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus?” The referendum could consolidate Lukashenko’s indefinite extension of power.

Earlier today Ukrainian military shot down a cruise missile that was fired by the occupier at the capital of Ukraine from the territory of Belarus. The missile was flying towards Kyiv. From the first day of the full-scale Russian war against Ukraine, enemy troops were pushing to Ukraine from Belarus territory. 

Western countries warn Belarus that for the war against Ukraine, it could expect the same sanctions as Russia. 

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, on the morning of February 27, published an address to Belarus citizens, in which he urged them “to be Belarusians, not Russians.”

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