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Map of all pharmacies currently working in Ukraine

List made by assisted by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine 

Map of all pharmacies currently working in Ukraine
Photo: Maks Trebukhov

The team at supported by the Ministry of Digital Transformation drew a map of all the pharmacies currently working across Ukraine. 

Pharmacies can be found on the map. Since it is updated with a slight delay, the latest data can be found in the table

The map and the list of working pharmacies will be added to. 

“As of today, there is no information on the pharmacies currently working in Kyiv. Therefore, urges all heads of pharmacy chains to make contact and report, which retail outlets will operate in the capital and other cities,” writes “Lists of working pharmacies are to be sent to [email protected]. Alternatively, we urge you to call +380 50 713 7373, Andriy Vlayko.”

Update: Kyiv City Administration posted a list of KP Pharmatsia pharmacies open as of noon 28 February on

Kyiv authorities call on all citizens in need of medicines (including life-saving and essential ones like hypotensive drugs and insulines) to buy them as soon as possible. According to the Kyiv Administration, the list of working pharmacies may change depending on safety conditions at specific addresses.

Earlier, at 8 a.m. on Monday, 28 February, grocery stores and public transport started working again in Kyiv. Metro trains will run with wider time gaps than usual. 

There is fighting in the streets of nearly all districts of Kyiv. Therefore, residents of the capital are strongly advised not to leave their homes without urgent need, unless they must buy food or medicine.

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