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For the first time in history Finland is going to give guns, ammo and RPGs to Ukraine.

Each day there are more and more countries that help Ukraine in this war.

For the first time in history Finland is going to give guns, ammo and RPGs to Ukraine.
Gazprom headquarters in Moscow
Photo: EPA/UPG

For the first time in its history Finland has decided to provide weapons. Ukraine will get 2500 guns, 150 000 pieces of ammo, 1500 disposable rocket-propelled grenades and 70 000 ration packs.

For the first time since 1939 Sweden has provided military support. Its government sends 135 000 ration packs, 5000 helmets, 5000 vests and 5000 pieces of antitank weapons to Ukraine. This information has been published on Facebook page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

Norway has also made an exceptional decision and refused from its policy not to give weapons to the countries that are not NATO members and are at the state of war. It sends 2000 anti-tank grenade launchers.

“Luxemburg provides Ukraine with antitank weapons. Neutral Austria is about to send fuel, helmets and vests soon”, claims the message.

In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs they have also reminded that the US, Great Britain and Australia have announced about the implementation of new sanctions. And Switzerland has joined the european sanctions for the first time.

Asia, which has previously taken a cautious stance, is also joining the anti-Putin coalition. Singapore imposes restrictions that include export controls, sanctions against Russian banks, the termination of flights.

"Our partners are also inflicting devastating blows on the Central Bank of Russia. Canada has banned all financial institutions from conducting any transactions with the Central Bank of Russia. Besides that, Canada announced its intention to suspend oil imports from Russia. Monaco, so much loved by Russia's rich men, will also strike representatives of russian establishment with sanctions, identical to EU restrictions ", the statement said.

Humanitarian aid is also sent to Ukraine. The necessary cargoes have already left France, Slovakia, Switzerland, India, Estonia and Lithuania.

"Last night, the United Kingdom sent the first shipment of medical supplies to Poland. In total, London has allocated 40 million pounds for humanitarian aid. And this is only a small part of the aid provided to us by friends from around the world", the Ministry of Foreign Affairs added.

The number of states that close their skies to Russia is also expanding. Now Albania has joined. Great Britain is developing a solution that will ban Russian ships from entering their ports.

"A few days ago, the European Broadcasting Union announced that no Russian artist would participate in this year's song contest, and yesterday FIFA and UEFA decided to exclude Russian national teams and clubs from participating in competitions under their auspices. The United States is sending 12 Russian diplomats from the UN mission to increase pressure on Russia", was also stated in the message.

It is to be recalled that the American streaming service Netflix refused to broadcast 20 Russian federal channels due to Russia's attack on Ukraine.

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