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Patrolmen explained how to survive shelling

If you are in the street, fall to the ground, cover your head with your hands and open your mouth.

Patrolmen explained how to survive shelling

The Patrol Police of Ukraine reminded the rules to follow during shelling.

If you are in the street, fall to the ground, cover your head with your hands and open your mouth as this will save you from concussion if case projectile raptures nearby.

Next - find the shelter nearby, it should be on the opposite side of the road from shooting. The possible shelter:

entrance of the building,


along a high curb or fence,

in the inspection pit of the outside (in the open air) garage or service station,

in the pits-"funnels" left from the previous shelling,

After entering the building close the door behind you, stay in the corner, if possible, try hide under the stairs, but not in front of the window.

If the shelling caught you in a minibus, trolleybus or tram, you should immediately stop the transport, run away from the road in the direction "from buildings and structures" and lie down on the ground.

If there is no shelter in sight, just lie down covering your head with hands! The vast majority of shells and bombs explode in the upper layer of soil or asphalt, so the fragments at the time of the explosion fly at a height of at least 30-70 cm above the surface.

Different vehicles (track, bus, car) are not suitable as shelters.

If you are in your apartment, take previously prepared belongings and go down to the shelter or basement.

For those who could not go to the basement, the strongest places in the apartment are the corners, especially the load-bearing walls (bathroom, toilet, hallway). You need to lie down on the floor, covering your head with a pillow. Metal doors with thickness of 3 mm or more will protect against small fragments.

After shelling is over, do not relax while leaving the shelter. "Now all your attention should be focused on your feet! Do not pick any unfamiliar objects from the ground. All attention is paid to children and teenagers: don't let them pick anything from the ground!, - warned Patrolmen.

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