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The residents of Kyiv Region are asked to provide data on the movement of a particularly dangerous column of the occupiers' mili

The column arrived in Ukraine with a special mission.

The Ukrainian military is looking for a column of enemy vehicles marked with the letter V. The column is moving towards Kyiv. The Ministry of Internal Affairs states that these are especially dangerous terrorists who arrived in Ukraine with a special mission.

"We are addressing all the citizens of Kyiv Region and the City of Kyiv! Everyone who saw, recorded an is aware of the location of this column, please provide Ukrainian defenders with this information or, if possible, not allow their further movement," the statement of the Ministry of Internal Affaires says.

Let us remind you that the special chat-bot to receive the messages about the movement and positions of enemy's military vehicle was created in Telegram.

According to "Ukrayinska Pravda", the enemy column has split with one part moving towards Dmytrivka and another one to Zabuchcha.

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