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Ukraine’s Security Service Reminds Citizens How to Report on Enemy Forces and Hardware

If you see the enemy, report it to @stop_russian_war_bot

Ukraine’s Security Service Reminds Citizens How to Report on Enemy Forces and Hardware
Photo: Ukraine’s Security Service

The Ukrainian Security Service urged citizens to report on enemy forces and hardware to its official chat bot @stop_russian_war_bot. According to the official Telegram channel of the Security Service, the bot has been checked and approved.

“If you see enemy forces or hardware, or any sabotage and reconnaissance groups, please report them immediately! The bot receives such information and passes it on to relevant response commands. If there are any disruptions in the bot’s operation, please send a direct message to the Telegram account @stop_russian_war,” said the Security Service.

We would like to remind our readers that marking on railway tracks can be reported to

Anyone who is ready and able to use a weapon can join the Territory Defence Forces. Addresses of the brigades and battalions of the Territory Defence Forces can be found on the website Head of the National Police of Ukraine Ihor Klymenko also ordered the heads of main directorates of the National Police in different oblasts of Ukraine to hand out weapons to law enforcement veterans.

Ukrainians may donate blood to wounded soldiers at hospitals.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi urged citizens to continue to work. The Ukrainian banking system has all the resources it requires. Some temporary limitations have been introduced, such as a 100,000 UAH a day cap for cash withdrawal.

The National Bank of Ukraine has opened a special account to raise funds for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Anyone currently abroad may also support the defenders of Ukraine. Bank account number: UA843000010000000047330992708.

The Molotov Cocktail recipe from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to use against enemy military hardware can be found by following the link. The chat bot for reporting markings on the road left by the invaders can be found here. 

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