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The Russians shelled the center of Chernihiv

The occupiers wanted to aim at the city council building.

The Russians shelled the center of Chernihiv
Photo: Фото: Правда Геращенко

Public Chernihiv informed that the Russians had hit the center of Chernihiv; the shell hit near a nine-storey residential building.

The Secretary of the Chernihiv Council, Oleksandr Lomako, supposes the occupiers most likely wanted to aim at the City Council. The shell hit the yard between the regional dentistry and the 9-storey residential building on Magistratska Street.

As mayor Vladislav Atroshenko stated in a video message on February 27, Chernihiv will continue to defend itself; the enemy is already demoralized. Before that, the mayor had called on city residents to prepare for street fights.

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