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Mayor of Pivdenne, Kharkiv Region detained for treason

He was detained with his deputy, the head of the police department and the precinct officer.

Mayor of Pivdenne, Kharkiv Region detained for treason
Photo: Decentralization

During a special military operation, the mayor, deputy mayor, police chief, and district inspector of Pivdenne were detained.

They are accused of treason. The head of the Kharkiv regional state administration, Oleg Synehubov, said on Telegram.

"For those who still do not understand that we have a war and allow themselves to negotiate with the enemy! We will not give up a single centimetre of our land. It's not just words. The servicemen warn with their actions: they have shown loyalty by showing a delay. The direct speech: "They will shoot on the spot. We have the strength to stand up for ourselves! And we are doing it!" the head of regional public administration emphasized.

Details of the case are still unknown. The mayor of Pivdennyy is Alexander Bryukhanov. Together with the other regions, the Kharkiv region is fighting against the Russian occupier by all means. Today the enemy fired at residential quarters of Kharkiv from Grad multiple rocket launchers.

Yesterday, the mayor of Kupyansk, Kharkiv region, Gennady Matsegora, publicly stated that the Russian occupiers had taken control of the city. Matsegora said that he had held talks with the military of the Russian Federation and handed over the city to the aggressor due to threats of armed attack.

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